sapphic erotica written by women for women

Flight To Marrakech by Nico
A well earned trip to Marrakech for two weeks of relaxation and discovery becomes an adventure full of romance and sexual bliss when the storyteller meets a beautiful lesbian in the airport lounge.

Imej Nights by Maria di Girolamo
Moonless nights are hot, forest nights where nameless flowers bloom and trickle nectar and the air abounds with their forbidden, intoxicating perfume...

The Perfect Fit by Stephanie Rose
A lingerie seller offers a very special kind of therapy to her female clientele.

Perfect Harmony by Stephanie Rose
Sabrina meets a beautiful stranger in wind-swept Manhattan and is smitten with desire. At first she is unsure of the nature of Kia's interest in her - is she just very friendly? Or could the overpowering attraction and desire Sabrina is feeling be mutual?

Vampyra by Yasmin Ogur
When word got out about her special oral talents suddenly plain old Judy became the most desirable dyke on the block.....

The Whip Hand by C.C. Saint-Clair
Tucked deep inside a far away kingdom there was once a hamlet where the villagers gave each other The Gift of Pain....

A Touch Of Romance by Trisha Monks
Mousetooth, a warrior orc, falls for a pretty human girl and finds out she must learn the gentle art of wooing to win her heart's desire.

Train Ride by Yasmin Ogur
A married straight woman has an erotic encounter with a young lady she meets on a train.

Itching For It  by Jolie du Pré
Cassie, a famous African American lesbian writer, hates commitment. Instead, she's content to jump from woman to woman until she meets beautiful Katrice.

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We have created chapters that explore lesbian sexual positions with photographs, explanatory text, drawings, Tantra, and videos. Sapphosophy; takes the form of an arts archive of lesbian material contributed successively by our visitors
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Based on the lives and loves of a group of young lesbians, this series goes between the sheets and into the minds and hearts of unapologetically queer women living in Middle America. Refreshingly non-judgmental and atypical in its embrace of stereotype, with its funny, provocative and controversial storylines, Girl/Girl Scene is a vibrant, vital and honest reflection of today's young lesbian culture.